so i started 3rd game today

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The person you wait for will come.
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don’t leave me here  a l o n e 

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'Dont I get a hug' most cringeworthy line

Creepy boys’ anthem

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did rapmonster write this


did rapmonster write this

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i asked to switch out of chinese this morning and my schedule still isn’t changed -___-


straight people feeling left out over queer representation is my favorite form of comedy


current emotion: Grif’s endless screaming when everyone ends up back in Blood Gulch

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cis people desperately trying to find ~cutesy~ genderbent names for their new genderbends, sweating in front of their computer and obsessing over genitals for reasons unknown, trying, always trying — trying so hard to make someone who uses she/her pronouns into a R E A L MAN or he/him pronoun users into WO-MANS, trying… trying so hard… to spend hours, days, on the most useless thing in the world’s history. genderbends. even more useless than the common mosquito.



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what you’re gonna win

  • 2 t-shirts from the rt store, priced under $20.00 each. 
    or one shirt over $20.00!
  • 1 round of sponsorship!
  • any accessory under 10 dollars

how to win these things!

  • gotta be following me
  • reblog and like as much as you want
  • use giveaway blogs if you want
  • i’ll pick a winner on october 1st!
  • make sure your ask is open
  • make sure you’re able to give me a mailing address to send these things to
  • we can pick whatever store works best for you, i’ll ship wherever rt ships!

any questions you can send me an ask :’)
good luck friends

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